Most Effective West Edmonton Prenatal Massage Therapist

Mackenzie Poirier – a West Edmonton Prenatal Massage Therapist

Are you an expecting mother in Edmonton looking for a holistic prenatal massage which is beyond just providing pregnancy discomfort relief? Meet Mackenzie Poirier, a Registered Massage Therapist at Nest Integrative Wellness in Westmount, Edmonton, Alberta. Mackenzie is a West Edmonton Massage Therapist.


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Why should expecting moms get prenatal massages?

As our babies grow, so does our physical discomfort — back pain, and tensed muscles. Prenatal massages can help alleviate pregnancy discomforts and improve our overall well-being.  Another benefit of getting prenatal massages is being able to sleep better. Mackenzie Poirier at NEST has the expertise to address pregnancy-related concerns and ensure the massage is safe for both mother and baby.

Two specialties: prenatal and therapeutic massages

Mackenzie specializes in prenatal and therapeutic massages in West Edmonton. For prenatal, she offers two different positions. Clients can either lie on their side with a bunch of pillows for maximum comfort — or she provides a pregnancy bolster allowing them to lie flat on their belly with a cutout for the belly and breasts to relieve pressure. Mackenzie had previously undergone three months of training specifically for prenatal massage to ensure she understood the do’s and don’ts. Her goal is to enhance relaxation, reduce swelling, and alleviate any pregnancy-related symptoms such as stress and breathing difficulties.

In therapeutic massages, she aims to address the root cause of discomfort issues along with compensating structures. It’s not just about temporary relaxation but treating the problem to achieve long-term relief from pain and stress. She emphasizes on educating clients about home care: dedicating about five minutes at the end of each session to provide stretches, strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy, and self-massage techniques. Mackenzie often provides clients with recordings demonstrating self-massage techniques so they can continue treatment at home, thus reducing the need for frequent visits.

As an example, Mackenzie had a client with a pec problem. She recorded a technique for self-massage which her client could perform at home with her husband’s help. This approach allows clients to manage their conditions between sessions more effectively.

Also, Mackenzie treats massages for patients who had been in motor vehicle accidents. There is a MVA (motor vehicle accident) protocol tailored to each case and insurer. She strongly believes in the therapeutic benefits of massage for treating specific injuries such as whiplash, strains, sprains, concussions, and thoracic outlet syndrome. Mackenzie has extensively studed various conditions and their treatment through massage therapy.

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How are Infant Massages different from traditional massages?

According to Mackenzie, a West Edmonton prenatal massage therapist, infant massage differs from traditional massages. Infant massage typically lasts 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the baby’s disposition.

We prioritize consent, so if the baby is sleeping or crying, we won’t proceed with the massage. Infant massage can help with colic, gastrointestinal issues like constipation, and general fussiness. We use safe oils to ensure no allergic reactions occur, making it a gentle and beneficial experience for both baby and parent. Additionally, Nest Integrative Wellness offers a 60-minute massage for mothers, where the last 15 minutes are dedicated to massaging the baby.

Thank you for reading this short feature of Mackenzie Poirier as a registered West Edmonton prenatal massage therapist. You can book her directly through the Janeapp on Nest Integrative Wellness’ website.

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