Empowering Pregnancy and Postpartum Journeys with Bumps Upon A Time: Your Trusted Edmonton Doula

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In the journey of motherhood, there are moments of pure magic, tender beauty, and boundless love. As an Edmonton motherhood photographer specializing in maternity and newborn photography, I’m excited to introduce you to the unique support and care provided by Karena Dang – the owner of Bumps Upon A Time, an exceptional doula service in Edmonton.

When embarking on the beautiful journey of pregnancy and parenthood, having the right support can make all the difference. Karena Dang, the founder of “Bumps Upon A Time,” is an Edmonton doula who is dedicated to empowering parents during their pregnancy, labour, and postpartum experiences. In this article, we’ll dive into the heart of what Bumps Upon A Time offers and the exceptional care they provide for expecting families.

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About Bumps Upon A Time

Bumps Upon A Time is not just another doula service. Karena’s approach is deeply rooted in the belief that every birthing person should have the freedom to bring their child into the world in a way that aligns with their preferences and comfort. Karena’s philosophy is simple but powerful – it’s all about informed choices and support.

Services Offered

As an Edmonton doula, Karena’s services cover various aspects of the pregnancy journey:

  1. Prenatal Support: Karena provides comprehensive prenatal education, equipping parents with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their birthing experience. This education includes discussions about birth preferences, postpartum planning, comfort measures during labour, and newborn care workshops.
  2. Labour Support: Karena and her team of doulas are there with you during labour, ensuring you have the emotional and physical support you need. She takes a background role, allowing you to make your own decisions while providing guidance and advocating for your choices.
  3. Postpartum Support: Bumps Upon A Time goes beyond the birthing experience. Karena offers postpartum support tailored to the unique goals of each family. This includes cooking, meal prepping, overnight support, and even specialized East Asian cultural postpartum confinement support.
  4. Supplementary Education: In addition to the core services, Karena offers supplementary education sessions, enabling families to explore a wealth of information and resources.

The Ideal Time to Connect

If you’re considering the services of Bumps Upon A Time, Karena recommends reaching out in the mid to late first trimester (around 12-14 weeks). This allows ample time to secure your spot and engage in the educational process while feeling more settled and optimistic about your pregnancy journey.


Nest Integrative Wellness Staff and Karena Dang of Bumps Upon A Time

Nest Integrative Wellness

Bumps Upon A Time operates within a beautiful space called “Nest Integrative Wellness.” This unique space offers a wide range of services and support for expecting and new parents. The community space here hosts various groups, classes, workshops, and support groups, making it an invaluable resource for building a support network during and after pregnancy. There are a range of health and wellness supports including massage, acupuncture, mental health counselling, nutrition, lactation, and fertility.

Collage Canvas of newborn photography by Cynthia Priest Photography

Your Maternity and Newborn Photography Experience

Now, let’s talk about you. The journey of pregnancy and welcoming a newborn is a unique and beautiful experience. To capture these moments in a way that speaks to your heart, I invite you to consider booking a maternity and newborn photography session with me. You can find a sample album of my work at Nest Integrative Wellness, where the spirit of community and support thrives. Fill the contact form on my website to inquire about a session. Alternatively, you can join my Edmonton & area motherhood group on Facebook to connect with other mothers about your motherhood journey.


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