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Two women with Taylor Eksdale (woman on right) owner of Tipsy Tays Bartending Service at a private house party in Edmonton, Alberta

The fun part about being a wedding and event photographer is meeting very cool vendors! While photographing a 50th birthday party, I met Taylor from Tipsy Tays Bartending. You can check out my wedding portfolio here; I photograph weddings around Alberta, Canada.

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Here is a Q & A with Taylor Eksdale!

What makes Tipsy Tays Bartending unique as an Edmonton wedding and event bartending service provider?

We are unique because we are a personalized service, we are not black and white. We work with you, your budget (the best we can) and we cater to your vision.

For events at home, we follow the same rules as any other event  — just in the comfort of your own home. We offer you all the same options, tastings, etc. We would have a few more legalities to discuss.

How can Tipsy Tays Bartending customize the drink menu for a bride’s specific theme?

We offer a professional and upscale service with this vision: That is your vision. We work with you every step of the way, we don’t just show up, bartend, and leave. As a mobile wedding bartending service, we make it a unique experience, from décor, to drinks, to menu, to champagne towers, and to French wine service.

We can customize it many ways, to fit your theme, your dream vibe, garnishes, sparkles, glitter, dried fruit, florals, cups, glasses, flavour, and colour. We can personalize any cocktails.

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For private parties, how does the customization process work for personalized cocktail options?

For any events and weddings, you have the option to customize at no extra cost. It starts with what you are looking for, taste and colour. We go from there and do a private tasting to make sure you are satisfied.

Tipsy Tays Bartending team

All of our staff are personally trained by myself. So, all the standards, expectations, and service is the same the only thing that varies is the personality of each team member. The one thing that sets us apart is we offer training, classes, and lessons to grow continuously. If they come with years of experience or none, they all get the same treatment to be on the team.

Our team aims to meet or exceed my expectations as well as our clients’ expectations with guaranteed professionalism and assistance.

How does Tipsy Tays Bartending set up a mobile bartending service at a home or at a wedding venue?

We set up with an idea already formed based on seeing the venue beforehand. Otherwise, we request photos to have an idea of what to expect. From there we set up the exact same in our space every time. It’s the space, or extras that change the setup. Otherwise, it’s always equipment, menu, mats, bar letters, cocktail napkins and dispenser for water. Unless requested otherwise.

To provide a seamless bar experience, we bring all of the small things most forget about: the mats, jiggers, bottle openers, cutting board, garnishes, shakers, knives, cleaning kit, menu, garnish caddy, napkins, straws, Caesar kits, cocktail kits, shot glasses, sugar, salt, Caesar rim, pickled beans. We bring every little thing so all you need to supply is the liquor. We can also supply the mix, pop, and glassware.

How does Tipsy Tays Bartending navigate licensing and regulations for serving alcohol?

We follow AGLC licensing incredibly seriously and even have our own personal AGLC rep and contact. Private properties require no liquor license therefore we have a document for you to sign stating that you understand we still follow laws and regulations around liquor consumption and service.

All our staff have been trained for service, laws and cutting guests off from alcohol accordingly. We do not over-pour, under-pour, and do not take tips for free drinks. We follow the 2-ounce highball rule and pour appropriately to each liquor type. (wine, etc.)

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What is the process for brides or families to book Tipsy Tays Bartending for their event?

Brides or families would have to fill out our event contract, which is quite extensive and long, a personalized quote is based on the requests, event type, and guests. All that we require is a 15% deposit that comes off the total amount due. Final payment is due 10 days prior (wedding) or 24 hours prior (event). Once deposit and form is returned, we submit a breakdown details which we alter and change throughout the planning process.

For us to provide the most accurate quote, the information we need is guest count, location, and event type. A wedding changes the price drastically compared to a private event at a house for bartending services. Everything else is more personalized and we work with you to guarantee a successful experience.

Are there any popular wedding drink trends that Tipsy Tays has observed?

The most popular right now are his/hers/ours cocktails. Champagne tower and a shot ski were 2023 most popular trends which we expect to carry into 2024.

We stay up-to-date with the latest drink trends by communicating with planners and attending bridal expos, shows, and even speaking at some. Plus we are huge into social media with 3 social media experts on our team.

What is the pricing structure for Tipsy Tays Bartending services?

It’s a choice of basic package or premium package. The premium package starts with 2 bartenders, and all the little extras mentioned in the mobile bartending services set up above. The setup is automatically included every time.  The prices vary based on mix/juices, ice and glassware or extras. The investment in using glassware (real glass) is more than plastic.

Costs can vary whether ice is included with your wedding venue. Some venues provide it, others don’t. However, depending on drink choices, number of guests, location and time of year, ice can be a cost that not many consider to be so expensive. Furthermore, we are more than a service! Our goal is to take all stress off you. When booking with us, you are booking more than just a bartender! Many do not realize that getting all the extras in the end can save you hundreds of dollars and time, which can be dedicated to other aspects of event or wedding planning.

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Client testimonials

Yes, we have some amazing reviews on our Google page and on our Instagram. We also have personal clients that we still connect with often that can be of referral, if you wish to ask for references, as well as select venues and other wedding & event vendors.

To ensure client satisfaction, this is our communication process! We are very thorough in our details, and contracts and quick to respond. We don’t take days to get back to you, less than 24 hours. Our contracts are read in person along with you! Our details outline everything you are getting down to the number of cans of pop. We always have someone on call the day of your event if anything arises that we don’t expect coming so you have your bartenders and someone else that can help.


How far in advance should brides or families book Tipsy Tays for their wedding or private party?

The sooner the better! We can only take on so much on a weekend. We don’t want anyone to miss out! The sooner you book, the more time we have to plan, do your tasting and personalize your needs.  We also have a late fee for weddings if booked 14 days out from the date.

We do our best to accommodate last-minute bookings, but require at least 24-48 hours. If it is last minute it comes down to staff availability, which we cannot always guarantee. We always do our best to help out or guide you to another company if we are unavailable.


Thank you so much for reading this bartending service feature on Tipsy Tays Bartending!

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